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One Thing Common Between You And Toppers- 24Hours A Day, How You Utilize Them Makes The Difference.

By visiting this webpage you have taken the first step in the right direction. Know the power of your brain and utilize it to get success in exams and life. Rajiv Kumar (Himachal Administrative Services-2003 batch officer) is a national record holder in memory, guides you through this website. To know more about him click “About Us” and “Media Clippings”.
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Learn Memory, Study and Exam Techniques from Limca Book of Record Holder. Rajiv Kumar is an HAS officer 2003 batch in HP. Today Rajiv is working on a mission to help students to achieve their aim through his Memory, Study and Exam Techniques.

Memory, Study and Exam Techniques

This course on memory is based on Rajiv?s personal experiences of about ten year?s studies. As only the bearer knows where the shoe pinches so Rajiv knows where a student faces problems and what should be the solution.

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Essay Writing Skills

Keeping in mind the compulsory essay paper in many competitive exams we are providing guidance to improve essay writing skills.The essay is not merely a test of your factual knowledge. It?s a test of one?s creativity, inventive spirit and capacity.

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Psychology Solved Question Papers (IAS)

First time in India answers to Psychology Mains question Papers solved (IAS) (?Paper-I only) are available on Amazone.Those who have Psychology as optional in mains need not worry to change the optional in panic.

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IndiaBrainPower Book Of Records

If you have any academic achievement which make you number 1 in your School/college/Institution/University/ sate or country you are eligible for entering your name in IndiaBrainPower Books Of Records.

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Facts About Brain

In this section you will be surprised to know about your brain:- Its structure, functioning and other aspects. Recent research proves that your brain continues to produce new neurons throughout your life.

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Earn Money

Dear friends, here we provide unique opportunity to all of you, to earn money by associating with us in different ways. We provide unique opportunity to sell your books and notes on our website.

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Why This Website

The idea behind launching this website was conceived much earlier when an article appeared in India Express about 15 years which highlighted the irony of our education system. Many school going children are committing suicides due to failure in the examinations. There are many instances when precious life is lost for academic failures which is not only to the parents but also to the nation.Those committing suicide are neither poor in studies nor they don?t want to hard work but they don?t know how to use their brain/mind power to get success. The main motive behind this website is to help such students to use their maximunm brain/mind potential to excell in studies.
Another reason is to give recognition to hard working students who score highest in their respective fields. Today media is behind the celebrities, criminals and cricketers mostly. Thus leaving little spoke for recognition to meritonious students.India Brain Power Book of Records. is attempt to fill the void.

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Disclaimer:- This website and its services are solely for the welfare of students and individuals. Hence one can not make this website or its services liable or responsible for any real or perceived mishap, melody, injury, physical or mental or emotional or psychological or change of any condition resulting from the application of techniques offered through various services in the website.